Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pro Arguments

I am completely for the three strikes law. Everyday more and more people are getting away with things and committing more crimes. And everyday it seems like our world is getting less safe. If more things are not going to be done to fix this, then who knows how bad it will get. That is why I think something like the three strikes law is a good thing.

Now, the three strikes law is exactly what it says...Three consecutive offenses and you will be punished, hopefully severely. This works extremely well when it comes to harsher crimes such as rape, murder, sexual offenders, etc, although the first two times were too much as it is. I actually feel the first attempt on any of these should be the maximum punishment. I do not believe anyone for any reason should walk free after committing one of these crimes.

Now, some people may argue that being caught for something as little as shoplifting three times doesn't require such a harsh punishment. I do. Look at it this way...the less serious crimes, such as theft and shoplifting, can help us feel a little bit safer as well as just knowing that something is actually being done to try and control if not stop these people. I know it would make me feel a little safer when I'm out shopping. I don't want to have to worry about someone trying to run off with my purse while I'm walking through the mall or to my car.

Carjacking is another crime that needs to be stopped. It may seem a little harsh to lock someone up for shoplifting, but it was their third offense. A couple of days in jail wouldn't hurt them. If they are just slapped on the wrist they are bound to do it again. Then it will only be a matter of time before they start committing even worser crimes. There needs to be something out there such as the three strikes law to let them know they won't always get away with it.

According to the three strikes law website, California's crime rate went down 32.7% compared to the 13.0%. They said it was because these individuals fear being caught and being punished. Even though these people do not use any kind of moral judgment, they are at least not committing these crimes in fear of being caught. I have to say that's better than nothing. We just recently talked about consequential people in class...where people make decisions based on the consequences. This is better than them not thinking about it at all and committing the crimes anyway.

I don't see how any bad could come from this law. It couldn't hurt to try it and see if it helps the crime rate at all. What's the worst it could do, put not so innocent people somewhere that they won't be able to commit any crimes whatsoever??

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