Thursday, May 29, 2008

Opening Argument

As a Latino here today writing against the Three Strikes' Law, I personally believe that this law creates a great discrepency between the race of criminals that are sentenced as a result of the three strikes law.

I want us all to think about Issac Ramirez's case. Issac Ramirez was a man convicted under the three strikes law. Issac's case is not out of the norm but his actions to change his outcome are in fact out of the norm. As you all may know that Issac Ramirez's first strike was given to him after he tried to steal some cold cuts from a local Lucky grocery store. On the way out of the store Issac 's get away driver accendentally ran over the stores security guards foot. Issac's was convicted for robbery and assult. A few years later Issac tried to steal a VCR worth $199 from a local Walmart. Issac bumped into the attending security guard on the way out of the store. Issac was aagain charged with robbery and assault. Issac's Third strike was for stealing a TV from a local Kmart. Issac Ramirez was able to apply for an appeal and he was able to successfully win his case. Issac is a free man , and he works at a church in Riverside and he has commited his days to the Church.

We must realize that not all criminals are unable to be rehibilitated. How many more Issac Ramirez' are there currently in prision now serving time under the Three Strikes Law. How many minorties are currentky in prision wasting our tax payers money when they can be rehibilitated.

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