Thursday, May 29, 2008

Opening Argument

Good morning,

We are all here today to hear arguments in favor of and against the Three Strikes' Law. I would like to begin with saying that I am in favor of the Three Strikes Law. The genesis for the Three Strikes Law was the 1993 kidnapping, rape, torture and murder of twelve-year-old Polly Klaas. Richard Allen Davis, the perpetrator of the crime, was caught and ultimately convicted. Davis had a long criminal history (robbery, burglary, assault, kidnapping) and was on parole when he kidnapped Polly. Had he been imprisoned for life after his third felony, Polly would still be alive.

As a student age 12, I know all to well what dangers lie in the streets and in the communities that we live in. I live in an area that according to Megan's Law has high a concentration of child predators. In fact I attend a school that has had two young ladies go missing. Though many speculate that the girls went willingly or they ran
away the thought still does not set well with me. I can honestly say that I can sleep better at night knowing that sick, predatory criminals are and will continue to be put behind bars due to the Three Strikes Law.

As a young person in the prime of my life I cannot fathom how another human can RAPE, STRANGLE,KIDNAP, or MURDER another human being. I believe that a person who commits a crime listed under the California Penal Code 667 section (a)(1) which states: In compliance with subdivision(b) of section 1385, any person convicted of a serious felony who previously has been convicted of a serious felony in this state or of any offense committed in another jurisdiction which includes all the elements of any serious felony, shall receive, in addition to the sentence imposed by the court for the present offense, a five-year enhancement for each such prior conviction on charges brought and tried separately. The terms of the present offense and each enhancement shall run consecutively.

I believe that the crimes that fall under this law will not only keep me and society at large safe it will also insure that future generations are given the opportunity to grow and thrive in a healthy, and safe society. I whole hearted believe in this law.

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