Thursday, May 29, 2008

Closing Argument

If you killed someone today, would you be able to walk the streets In California as a free person?

One thing that the indivduals who have created this law want us to believe is that without this law we have no chance of putting criminals away for a long time. That is misleading and untrue. As it currently stands we have had laws on the books since the creation of our laws that will punish criminals for serious crimes against another human being. So we really need to ask ourselves in all honesty is the Three Strikes Law really needed or is it a buffer to our current laws.

The max for 1st degree murder is 99 years in prison. If a person is convicted of 1st degree murder a jury of his/her peers will decide what the sentence should be. In a recnt case involving the murder of an Alaska girl, Mr. Lawson was convicted of 2nd degree murder and his sentence was 99 yers in prision. In Lawson's case there was no mention of the The Three Strikes Law in fact his past crimes were not disclosed to the jury. The judge said that he needed the jury to make a judgement on the current case and not on actions from his past.

In closing we do in fact have great laws that have exsited prior to the creation of the Three Strikes Law.

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