Monday, May 26, 2008

Debate Homework : Opening Statement

First and foremost, prepare your opening so that it tells a complete and interesting story. Do your best to avoid a bland, boring discussion of what the evidence will show. The opening should be "alive," well organized, and persuasive. The theme of the case should be clearly and concisely presented. Further, you should identify the important documents and demonstrate what they will prove.

Students must create an opening argument which address a side either for or against the Three Strikes Law. This opening statement must come from you, and it must be a result of your extensive homework reading of the articles on the Three Strikes Law.

Your opening argument must be 1-2 paragraphs, typed , free of spelling errors, free of grammar errors, and free of illogical errors. Students will receive 0-100 points for this assignment depending on quality as it may or may not meet the above criteria which is set forth by your CA standards for 8th grade. These paragraphs must be clearly constructed and they must be virtually free of all errors to receive the max points of 100 points.

This assignment is due the next time I see you. No late work accepted..........

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