Monday, May 26, 2008

Debate Homework: Pros/Cons

All students must create a pro/con paragraph worksheet exactly like the model given to you in class. The student model given to you in class with the argument and pro/con break down is exactly the way you must construct your 10 pro/con worksheets based on ten articles that you have read and selected for break down.

For every article that you have read there is a pro side and there is a con side you are asked to in paragraph form to construct the pros and cons in the same way as your example sheet on pages 21-22 from your 8th grade test prep.

Each pro/con worksheet is worth 0-50 points. Your pros/cons must be: good and free of errors in order to receive the max points. It must look exactly like your model pro/con sheet.

You were asked to create 2 a night so that by Tue/Wed you should have all 10 complete. Remember 4 were due last week.

No late work accepted.

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