Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pro Argument Possible Closing

The three strikes law what a powerful tool for the judicial system. I firmly believe that everyone deserves a second chance, depending on the situation. If someone is convicted of a violent crime the first time then let the legal system do it job, a second time offense let it work again. If there is a third offense then let the three strikes law take into effect, but before the second offense can take place if it does we as a society must inform, and educate the offender of what can happen to him or her if they decide reach that level in their life.

I am all for this law, California did not show any signs of a drop in criminal activity with this law, but what about the other states that did how were they different, what did they do different that's what should be looked at. I sure would feel more secure knowing that a criminal that has two strikes against them has the possibility of going to prison for a long time if they choose to do another crime. Ask yourself this question what if it was your husband,wife,grandmother,or even your child who had a violent crime committed against them wouldn't you want to have every possible legal weapon on your side to help convict this person?

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